Finding a job can be hard, especially if you have a criminal record. Whether you are waiting to hear back about your pardon or you were not granted one, there are still job opportunities for you. Employment can also improve your chances of being granted a pardon if you want to apply in the future.

Here is a list of a few companies that have locations in Connecticut that offer job opportunities to people with criminal backgrounds. The hiring process and policies could vary based on the location, type of conviction, and time since the applicant was convicted. You can use this list as a starting point as you search for the right employment opportunity for you.

Big Organizations

Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware is a chain of hardware stores. It has locations in Hartford, Waterbury, Stamford, Middletown and more.


CVS is a drug store. There are many locations all over Connecticut in pretty much every town.


Starbucks is a coffee and tea company. There are also many Starbucks cafe locations in Connecticut.


Gap is a clothing store. It has locations in Fairfield, Hamden, Southbury, Westport, Milbury and more.

American Airlines

American Airlines is an airplane company offering commercial flights. Small airports are located in New Haven and West Harrison.


Walmart is a large department store chain. There are over 30 Walmart locations that are spread across the state of Connecticut.

Lyft and Uber

Lyft and Uber are companies that offer taxi-like services through an app. Both Lyft and Uber hire applicants that have a criminal record with some restrictions.


Staples is an office supply store. There are 29 Staples stores in Connecticut all over the state.


Like Walmart, Target is a large department store. There are over 20 Target stores in Connecticut and they are located all over the state.


Goodwill is a thrift store. There are many Goodwill stores and donation centers all over the state.

Ben & Jerry’s

Ben and Jerry’s is an ice cream company that started in Vermont. There are nine Ben & Jerry’s locations in Connecticut which include New Haven, Old Saybrook, West Hartford, Canton, Glastonbury and more.

Best Buy

Best Buy is an appliance store. There are 12 Best Buy locations in Connecticut which include Trumbull, Orange, Norwalk, North Haven, Waterford and more.

Fair Chance Business Pledge

The companies listed here have all signed the Fair Chance Business Pledge. This pledge was designed to give people with criminal records a second chance. For more information about the pledge and a full list of the companies that have signed it, visit

Getting Help

If you are granted a pardon, finding a job will be much easier than if you still have a criminal record. If you are interested in hiring an attorney to help you get a pardon, call us at 203- 567-6480 or email us at