If you are applying for a pardon, the hope is that it will be granted, and this will give you a fresh start in life. But unfortunately, there is a chance it could get denied. It is important to understand why pardons are denied in order to increase your chances of being granted a pardon. Here are a few major reasons a pardon could get denied.

Incomplete Applications

When submitting a pardon application, it is important to include every piece of information that you need. The Board will not accept any applications that are missing information. Things like a missing reference letter, missing criminal history, or missing documents could easily get your pardon application denied. If you hire a lawyer, this is something that you do not have to worry about. Lawyers are familiar with the application and will ensure that it is complete before it is sent in.

Objecting Victims

If you are approved for a hearing, your victim(s) have the right to attend the hearing and can make a statement. The Board of Pardons takes the victims’ opinions and statements into consideration when deciding whether or not to grant you a pardon. If your victim(s) object or express that they are still suffering from the incident, you are less likely to be granted a pardon.

Seriousness of the Offense

The seriousness of the offense also affects the decision from the Board of Pardons. For example, someone is more likely to be granted a pardon for a minor shoplifting case rather than a serious assault case. This does not mean that you shouldn’t try to get a pardon if your offense is more serious. Technically, all types of crimes can be pardoned in Connecticut.

Lack of Remorse

If you fail to show remorse for your actions, there is a good chance that the Board of Pardons will not grant you a pardon. It is important to show the Board that you have learned from your mistakes and that you would not commit this crime again.

Getting Help

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