For many people, getting a Connecticut pardon signifies a new chapter in their lives. These people are genuinely seeking a fresh start, and want to move away from past mistakes and habits. However, breaking old habits and incorporating new, healthier ones is difficult. On this page, I want to talk about five areas of your life that you can focus on improving to make sure that you get the fresh start you deserve!

#1: Creativity

Finding a creative outlet for your emotions can be life-changing. And “creativity” can apply to nearly anything – writing in a journal, painting, running, cooking, etc. Find a hobby that you love and a craft that you can work on. This might not seem very important, but it can help you manage stress and other negative emotions, while bringing joy to your life. Creative pursuits are a great way to release negative emotions in a healthy way. Instead of reaching for a beer bottle, reach for a pen. Instead of falling back into old patterns, try something new.

Brene Brown said, “unused creativity is not benign. It metastasizes. It turns into grief, rage, judgement, sorrow, shame.” Even if you do not think of yourself as a creative person, incorporating a creative hobby into your life can help in ways you may not have anticipated.

#2: Health

When your body feels good, you feel good. Try incorporating physical activity into your life, or improve the amount of time each week that you spend exercising.

Remember: Something is better than nothing. Even if you can only stand 15 minutes in the gym, go to the gym. Even if you can only run for five minutes without collapsing, do that. Start where you are and do what you can. You will grow and your strength will improve over time. But building and maintaining an exercise habit can bring mental clarity, reduce stress, and build self-confidence.

In addition to focusing on exercise, eating healthier can improve your mood and well-being. Try replacing just one meal a week with a meal rich in fruits and vegetables. Again, start small and eventually build on the habit.

When you focus on your health, your body and mind will start to change. These improvements can help you reach your goals in life.

#3: Education

I find that the most successful people I know are lifetime learners. There are many ways to further your education, and some are rather inexpensive. Now that we have the internet, there are tons of cheap and free resources online for you to learn about any subject you choose. Whether you prefer to read, watch videos, or listen to podcasts, there are plenty of ways to learn at your fingertips!

If you are interested in a more traditional path, consider getting your GED or taking college courses. Continuing your education will not only help you improve as a person, but it will also make you more marketable to companies when you are searching for jobs.

#4: Community

Your support system is crucial to your success. You’ve probably heard the old adage that you are the average of the five people you spend time with. So, make sure that you surround yourself with those who have an outlook on life that you respect, and similar goals. This can be a difficult thing to in some cases because it can mean that you have to let go of friends or family members who do not support you and your future. But finding true friends, family members, and mentors, can set you on a path to realizing your dreams.

#5: Purpose

Find your purpose in life and do something that brings you pride. Whether you find this in a job, in a hobby, or a charity that you support, make sure that you are doing something that you are passionate about. This will bring you peace, joy, and purpose. When you feel fulfilled, it will be easier to stay on your new path and meet your new goals without looking back on past mistakes or repeating that behavior.

Moving On

Once you work hard to get a pardon, you want to make the most of your fresh start. Incorporating these five tips into your life can help you do just that. For further assistance, contact our office.