Everything You Need to Know About Connecticut Pardon References

It seems like every major life event requires you to submit references or letters of recommendation. Applying to college. Applying for a job. Applying to join a particular group or club. And yes, the Board of Pardons has jumped on the letter of recommendation bandwagon. It requires at least three references if you want pardon consideration. [...]

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How Long Does the Connecticut Pardon Process Take?

Feeling pumped to apply for your pardon and begin the process of getting a fresh start? That’s great! This enthusiasm will be helpful as you navigate the paperwork and Board of Pardons hearing. However, it is important to understand that getting a pardon is not going to be a “quick fix”. The pardon process can take [...]

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Connecticut Pardon Statistics for 2012-2015

Just as I have been reviewing the annual reports for some of the pardon department’s recent years, I want to review pardon statistics. Pardon statistics are important to look at to see patterns in pardon approval and denial. This can help you as you prepare your own pardon application. You can understand what to expect [...]

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